Learn about Krone Coder through FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions of our customers about KDC’s unique coding education program.

01. What is the difference compared to the Scratch?

Q. Both Krone Coder and Scratch execute block coding. I’d like to know the difference between them.

A. Krone Coder implements the visual programming model that has the same method as the MIT block development structure which Scratch has adopted. However, Krone Coder is designed to be compatible and scalable with text programming. Therefore, students who have experienced Scratch or similar tools can easily adapt to Krone Coder. Krone Coder will be able to affect potentially to the improvement in practical text coding ability that one of the most frequently pointed limitations of Scratch.

In addition, Krone Coder is a unique educational program that enables lectures and exercises through character and storytelling, and allows students to experience coding and 3D simulation simultaneously.

02. Can non-computer science major self-study Krone Coder?

Q. I would like to study programming for self-development and wonder if non-computer science major can easily learn programming.

A. Of course! Krone Coder is an integrated education platform designed to allow students to learn the principles of computer science through block coding first and naturally learn the text coding after. We have prepared various features such as difficulty-considered curriculum and discussions so that anyone who is not familiar with computers can easily learn programming. Therefore, even those who have not majored in computers can easily learn programming.

03. Can children easily study it at home?

Q. I am a parent of an elementary school student and have been looking for coding education program suitable to review the school class contents. Since both of us have jobs, we don’t have enough time to help our children studying. Is it possible for our children to study alone?

A. Reviewing class contents are really important. Review is often known to be more effective than prior learning because it is a process by which children review and understand what they have studied and make it into their own knowledge.

Krone Coder has various features to provide help for children those who study alone. It has a program tutorial, learning through interesting storytelling, hints to help solve problems, and the discussion system that allows students examine and solve questions with other users.

04. Is there a certificate class for instructor candidates?

Q. I am a teacher who is interested in coding education instruction. I'd like to teach coding to children. Is there an educational program for teachers?

A. Coding education has become a required course and many places are looking for teachers who can teach programming lectures to children. However, there are not enough programming instructors as well as programming education for teachers.

To resolve this, KDC Coding’s Edu Center created “Coding Education Instructor Lecture Program”. KDC centers (branch offices) and branch offices nationwide to support the certificate program, and related matters will be announced through Coding Edu Center website.

05. Is it possible to resolve the problem of coding education?

Q. As the coding education became a required course since 2018, the infrastructure shortage related to coding education including coding instructors and education program has come to a great extent. Will Krone Coder be able to solve this problem?

A. Of course. Even though coding education has become mandatory in the middle school course, there are still many missing parts in the coding education infrastructure and coding education response.

Krone Coder is an integrated learning platform designed to resolve such problems of coding education. Students can self-directed study through its learning features, and teachers can easily prepare the classes and lectures through detailed commentary, guidance, and learning curriculum.